2020 VV Sangiovese. In Da House Baby.

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2020 VV Sangiovese

It's been a long wait, but we're back. The latest incarnation of the ever popular VV Sangiovese.  

Same Vineyard, same winemaking, same delicious savoury seductive result. A banging Sangiovese at a banging price point, especially if you're a Cartel Member.

Now to wine stuff.  Payto's best quote over the years was 'the only thing we have to do to the fruit once we have it in the winery is once a day to look over the newspaper at it.' Meaning that all the work is done in the vineyard and that means we have very little to do in the winery.  The gods in 2020 weren't overly kind to us in many way, but were kind to us weather wise.  The great ripening weather shows well in this wine.  It also shows just how long we've been doing this winemaking caper. We remember when there was an actual newspaper in the winery!

Now this release is a little different.  We've gone all out and edged away from the old screw cap and ventured back to the new cork.

Why?  Well 'cause these corks are now as good as screw caps!  The new type is called 'neutrocork' and we've lotsa tech stuff that all you nerds out there will love to know about.  We'll tell you all in more detail, next time we're allowed to have you back at our place.  So now we could swap because

This cork is biodegradable and makes us carbon neutral.

Yep - the carbon produced in making the glass is more than offset by the carbon captured in the cork.

So you can feel doubly good once you've finished the bottle!

We were going to release the vino with some fancy cool new corkscrews because like us, you've thrown them all out. We've jumped the gun though.  So with this current nation wide shit show, we wanted to get the juice out and about.  We will get onto the corkscrews shortly though.  

If you get stuck and can't dig one out of the second draw in the kitchen, this handy video might be of some assistance...

2020 VV Sangiovese Cork

The Wine Cartel

If you wanna get the new 2020 Sangiovese for a pretty sweet 20% discount, you can buy it through our Cartel Program.

If you haven't joined the Cartel, you should probably have a look at it. There is sweet merch, great juice and 'Cartel only' wine discounts available.  You'll also be the first to know when our Catalan wines are getting released... We've some pretty special, extremely limited wines coming out of our winery shortly. Very tiny amounts of Garnacha (Grenache) and Carignan (Carignan).  Made at our winery Cal Pedro in the town of Gratallops. In the region of Priorat, where all the fruit is grown.  Look it all up if you've got time - it's a special place - and can give you something to plan towards doing once we're let out of gaol.

There will be a tiny amount of these wines available in Australia with Payten and Jones Cartel Members getting the first crack.  Hit the link below to see what else you get... We may even throw in a free corkscrew at some stage!

 Just on our priorat wines

Just on our Priorat Wines - all the labels were done by local Melbourne artists.

Artists like Kaffiene...

If you hit the wolves above, you can get hold of the limited edition prints that Kaff did for our Catalan Projects.  'Little red riding hood' and Gratallops (which translates as 'The place where the wolves come to sharpen their claws'). 

The first set is for our Tarragona series and the one above for our Priorat series.  


Get on it and support our mate who does this amazing work.

Stay Soapy everyone.

One Love P&J

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