P&J x Fausto x Etiko - New Kicks have landed

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P&J x Fausto x Etiko

It has taken a lot longer than we anticipated but the day has finally arrived.  KICKS are here - for Kicking.

It arrived last week actually, but we had to look after our Cartel members first.  So if you look hard, you could see these kicks within 5kms of an apartment in Melbourne lockdown.

Or kicking the sand on a beach in QLD, with other Queenslanders. 

In NSW, you'll be able to wear your kicks straight through security at the international terminal... But don't try to take them in to WA, TAS, NT or SA... TBH who wants to go to SA anyway.  Actually, things are so grim that we'd even take a trip SA to SA atm... Anywhere except Metro Melbourne, where the Yarra Valley is apparently!

Back to the business of shoes... Why shoes? Well, why not?  

We have a very talented mate Fausto who paints and draws rad stuff.  So rad, that we asked him if he could do a label for us showing his interpretation of 'little red riding hood' for our La Caputxeta series of natural wines.  We loved it and then asked if he could do the Big Bad Wolf for the yet to be released Priorat wines.  He did a mad job.  We loved them both so much we thought how can we show some of his work in a fun way?

With Fausto we collaborated with the legends at Etiko, the most ethical clothing brand in Australia. While we're still not sure about 'Vegan Shoes' (do Vegan's actually eat these shoes?) we do know that they are fully certified fair trade and believe in sourcing their products where the workers get paid properly and no kids are being exploited (don't tell them about P&J and what Jonesy pays his kids...)

Hit the Fausto and Etiko links to get their full stories.  The tall and the short of it is, we love working with like minded people who care for the environment and have a rad story to tell.  

Hit the link below if you want a pair of these sneaks.

Fausto x Etiko Kicks

The Wine Cartel

If you haven't joined the Cartel, you should probably have a look at it. There is sweet merch, great juice and 'Cartel only' wine discounts available.  You'll also be the first to know when any new stuff is getting released... Check out the upcoming list below!

Ooh La La - Amaro / Aperitif / Vermouth / Brandy / Whole Bunch / Thing - We're not quite sure what to call it yet but it is going to be delish.  An alternative to the bitter part of a negroni made by us.  Over ice, wedge of an orange, boom.

Wild Ride - Same vineyard, same wine making, same orange dude on the bottle, same orange juice in the cup.

Meggo's Eggo - Sangiovese made by our very own Meggo.  Made in her very own Eggo.

Dutty Chardonnay - If you've been to P&J before, you would've met Ovarn, a very talented Jamaican fella that has put all his energy into making his first Chardonnay this year.  It is a little different.  Dutty Wine?  He'll tell you all about it next time you swing past P&J HQ.

2021 VV Pinot Noir - She's back baby, perfume and spice and all things nice.  Bright, Fresh and delish. Ready in 2 weeks.

New vintage La Caputxeta - The next vintage of our Natural Catalan wines are gonna be on the radar soon.  Even though we obviously weren't there for vintage this year, Toni has kept everything in check and we are excited to see this next vintage. 

P&J x Priorat - First release from our winery 'Cal Pedro' in the Priorat.  Tiny amounts of Garnacha (Grenache) and Carignan (Carignan) and a blend of both.

Shit Show Mataro - Perhaps our most anticipated release do date. The follow up wine from FUCK 2020.  We honestly believed that we would not have to make this, but here we are.  Dedicated to the absolute SHIT SHOW that our "we're all in this together" servants of the people have landed us in.

Ohh La La

Also dudes, a quick note to say cheers for all the continued support through this crazy unpredictable time. Really appreciate the love and community.   

Some of us are all in this together, a little more than the others calling the shots.  We just want to say cheers to everyone out there who has and continues to keep giving it a push.  You all know if we can help any one in any way, never hesitate to sing out or reach out.

Stay Soapy everyone.

One Love P&J 


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