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We’ve got bad news and good news. The bad news? Jonesy got his hair cut* (or is that good news...). Actual bad news, our VV Pinot Noir and VV Sangiovese are sold out until we get the next vintage bottled in a couple of months. The good news? A pretty special substitute has landed in our lap...

Payten & Jones - The 2015 Wightwick Nebbiolo

The 2015 Wightwick Nebbiolo

Our good mate Simmo used to be a winemaker. 

He threw the winemaking gig in ‘cause he "needed to grow up". Meanwhile we’re still winemakers and evidently have not grown up. Simmo moved on to furniture design (he actually did all the wood work, furniture and renovations at our cellar door!) but left behind a little Nebbiolo that, after 6 years, has just turned the corner to pure awesomeness. And, unfortunately for him, the only contacts he had left to sell it to... was us! 

So here 'tis, a frickin amazing 2015 Yarra Nebbiolo that at $30 RRP is pretty insanely good value and pretty insanely limited… And a great substitute for both Sangiovese and Pinot Noir during these colder months. Don't forget to sign in to your Wine Cartel account to use your sweet discount if you're a member.

2021 Yarran Rose

The 2021 Yarran Rose

The latest vintage of our favourite local rose has arrived on our shelves and, unlike Jonesy's hair, it is loud and proud and even more delicious. The 2021 Yarran Rose is made from a single parcel of Riverina Montepulciano grapes. Estate grown and lightly pressed.

It's got that super light salmon pink colour from minimal skin contact. It's got that dry, savoury character with tasty strawberry notes. Exactly what you want out of your rose. Grab a bottle from our online shop now for just $20 (with that sweet free shipping if you're a Wine Cartel member).

*Jonesy's mane remains intact.

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