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Cellar Door


 Cellar Door

Come check out our wines and imports at our place in Healesville, the one with the big mural out the front.

We’ve also got cracking cider, vermouth, beers, tunes and plenty of bad jokes to share.

We could tell you about our Sustainability Quest and the endless battle with the weather, vines, animals, money and people. We could tell you about the Blood and Tears, Whole Bunches, No Sulphur, Wild Yeasts and a Sense of Place. We could tell you about the lack of Fining or Filtration or about Quality & Value. We could tell you that drinking our wine is like seeing a live band and not listening to the recording. We can tell you’ve heard this all before… The journey is important and part of that is how it tastes in the glass – at That time and That place. 

Tastings as we know it - For the time being

Mid week, we're still a bottle shop.  But Jonesy loves a chat.  

However, we're back to tasting on the weekends people! Albeit a little different to normal.

*We're still open Seven Days a week.  

*Saturday and Sunday we're offering sit-down structured flights of our wine (still fun and light, not too serious).  Bookings are recommended (03) 5962 1935 or .  Booking times limited to, 1.00pm, 2.00pm, 3.00pm & 4.00pm only.

*We only have the availability for 6 people to taste at any of the above time slots. This is split over a table of 4 and a table of 2.  If you come during these times and we're fully booked, we can talk you through (not taste) what we do and you can still purchase retail to take away.

*Tastings are sit down and free of charge.  

*We are not allowed to serve any of our delicious beverages we have on hand and this even includes a glass of Wine, Gin, Beer, Cider, Vermut.  Dammit! 

*Please sanitise before entry.  We have some amazing 'Gin' hand sanitiser at the door, please use it upon entry and exit.

*We are required to take your details upon entry of our venue. First name and mobile number only.

Once again these are not our rules, they are what the Victorian Government have asked us to do so we can open our lounge room back up.  Please be patient outside and if we're at capacity, please adhere to social distancing in the line out front.  Please be cool to each other, so eventually we can get back to some form of normality.

Stay Soapy.   

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