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Vintage 2019

Macabeu (Ma-ka-bow)

Total Production: 2300 Bottles

Australian allocation: 1800 Bottles

Also known as Viura in la Rioja and similar to Trebbiano in Italy.

The best theory behind the name: it comes from Greek ‘Maka’ which means ‘happy’ and the Catalans added ‘Beu’ which means ‘drink’, so ‘drink happy’ (but this is the only theory that explains the name, not much else to go on)

A traditional grape in Catalonia and some areas in la Rioja, but originally from Catalonia

This grape traditionally is the basis for Cava, not very high in alcohol, around 12%

The most important grape by quantity from the Tarragona area

Originally from 16th century (1564 in Tarragona)

Very good ageing potential in bottle and it will improve its fatty textural mouthfeel

Made on skins for 2 months to make the mid palate more interesting and different, very chalky and citrus at the same time.

It has aromas of citrus and fresh apples. The palate shows a textural and weighty mid palate, however due to the skin contact, it finishes juicy and fresh with some fine bitter tannin to increase the length of flavour. This will only improve in bottle

Drink chilled with whole barbecued squid

No fining or filtration. Spontaneous wild fermentation. Contains no added sulphites.