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Sumoi (Sue-Moy)

Total Production: 2500 Bottles

Australian allocation: 1500 Bottles


Most of Catalonia was planted with this grape a century ago when there were no French grapes but it disappeared after phylloxera arrived

A very genetically old grape variety with 3 berry sizes: round, large and oval

This Sumoi is made from extremely rare Sixty-year-old vines

Fermented in a ceramic old fashion underground ‘cup’ and left on skins for 8 months, the first Sumoi made this way in the world.  10% of the wine was made under carbonic maceration also for 8 months, and was then back blended with the crushed grapes

Aromatically, bright red fruits, with an underlying savoury edge.  The palate has a delicious mid weight texture but finishes crisp and long from the fine tannins developed from the way the wine is made.  These rustic tannins protect the grapes from oxidation and it becomes the oxygen scavenger, allowing the long macerations, just like centuries ago.  Drink chilled with Carpaccio and Queso

No fining or filtration. Spontaneous wild fermentation. Contains no added sulphites.