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The Story.

When Behn and Troy discovered Fot-Li, they were actually looking for inspiration to make their own vermouth.
However, upon tasting this traditionally made fortified in Reus, south of Barcelona, they knew they'd much rather be part of bringing the best of the best to Australian glasses than attempt to make anything nearly as good.

Made and bottled by a small group of mates. Reus, the cradle of Spanish vermouth. Fot-Li is an elegant, full-bodied vermouth that strikes a perfect balance between a sweet grassy aroma and that characteristic bitter kick.

The flavour is one thing. The ritual is the other.

While we here in Australia see Vermouth as a drink or a mixer for more complex cocktails, the Spanish tradition of Vermut is an entire experience. That wind down at the end of the day, while the sun is getting low. A simple but delicious spread of salty chips and good olives, with a bottle of vermut to enjoy freely over ice. While we download the day and just take a moment to revel in the now.
If that doesn't ring true with our own ritual of a great drink at the end of the day, then we're not sure what does. Life is short - Fot Li!
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