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3 pack of beer/wine for episode 2 of the virtual tasting.

Catch up on our Instagram IGTV page to taste through if you missed it.

Friday, 24th of April. 7:30pm.  Instagram Live

Satchy from Dirty 3 Wines showing us all things Gippsland and Brendo from 3 Ravens talking Sour Beer.

We look at our 2018 VV Sangiovese

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    Curated Wine Packs - IG Live Virtual Tasting

    IG LIVE 3 Pack Episode 2

    IG Live 3 Pack Episode 2. Second up in our series, we thought we'd get our good mate Brendo the Brewer at 3 Ravens in to talk about his Sour Beer - now keep reading, cause this is a GATEWAY sour beer - if you like wine, you'll dig this one... It'll open...


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