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IG Live Episode 3

FRIDAY 8th MAY at 7:30pm - Instagram Live

Dave Bro from Arfion explaining Savagnin... Definitely not Sauvignon! We got in to trouble for that.

We release our preservative free 2019 Major Kong Syrah 

Jayden Ong talks us through his light red blend "Carter"

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    IG Live Episode 3 - Ar Fion Savagnin, Our 2019 Major Kong Release and Jayden Ong's Light Chilled Red! 2019 Major Kong Syrah!

    Curated Wine Packs - IG Live Virtual Tasting

    IG Live 3 Pack - Episode 3

    IG Live Epsisode 3 Ar Fion Savagnin The release of our 2019 MAJOR KONG! Get on board! 2018 Moonlit Forest 'Carter' Light Chilled Red from Jayden Ong Wines


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