About us...

Allegedly the only two (literate) students to Graduate Healesville High School 1997, we were always destined to work together. Behn (the Payten) drove his first Tractor at the age of 5. Troy (the Jones) was talking by the age of 1 and hasn’t shut up since.

Naturally we fell in with the wrong crowd out here, and became heavily involved in the wine industry.

Behn’s dad Pete knows a thing or two about vineyards. Before his years of working in the Yarra Valley, he managed Australia’s first organic vineyard and is always focused heavily on sustainability.  We knew we were in good hands. The three of us continue to spend regular nights sharing a glass of Red, solving the world’s problems.

Our wines are a little different – they may be murky in the glass and can sometimes throw a bit of sediment.

They always look better with a bit of air, served neat in a glass (although straws also work), at the right temperature, with fresh food and great company.

The wines are not ‘perfect’ by industry standards, but they have the perfect personality for the situations they’re made for.

Drinking these wines is like experiencing a band live, as opposed to listening to a recorded track.

There’s minimal intervention and doing nothing to a wine is the hardest part of making it.  Always interesting, with a little soul left in.