Fot-Li Vermut Rojo - Cartel

Fot-Li Vermut Rojo - Cartel


Reus, Catalonia.

The home of the best Spanish Vermut (Vermouth) and we consider Spain the best producer in the world.  

We travelled over there with the intention to make our own Vermut. But in Reus we did a blind tasting and realised we'd never come close to making something good as the Fot-Li.  So we called them the day before we were flying out and after a 30 minute meeting, we realised they were just like us - small, craft and quality focused... Making it out of their friends winery.  

This white label has 19 botanicals, hints of clove and spice.  Fresh acidity is balanced with a hint of sweetness.

Drink with a slice of orange, an olive for saltiness, a glass full of ice and if you want, 1/3 soda water.