Label by Inkie out of Bristol – used to run with Banksy way back in the day.

Kind of a fortified port/sherry (a Capulet), kind of a vermouth (a Montague). Except Romeo and Juliette didn’t top themselves at the end and created this Bastard Child.

Brandy distilled at Four Pillars from some of our Shiraz.  It was then aged in an old French Cognac barrel for 12 months. This was then poured over whole bunch Shiraz from an amazing vineyard in Kangaroo Ground and soaked for a couple of months. This drew out flavour, colour and sweetness.  It was then pressed to tank where it was matured with a little gentian root for bitterness.

The brandy prevented any fermentation – so all natural sweetness.  The bitterness from the grape stalks and gentian, along with the natural acidity from the wine grapes adds balance to the sweetness from the sugar and alcohol.  The high level of alcohol (21.5%) is the most that a fortified wine is allowed to be and means that the flavours and colour will keep for a while once opened – you don’t have to drink the bottle in one night.

500mL bottle

Only 1900 bottles produced.