VV Sangiovese
VV Sangiovese - Payten & Jones Wines
VV Sangiovese - Payten & Jones Wines

VV Sangiovese


Vintage 2020

Vineyard - GI Region - Yarra Valley (Gruyere)

Cahilton Vineyard Sangiovese
Vine age 22 years old
160m altitude
North South rows
Silty clay loam with mudstone and gravel


This variety makes itself.  All we have to do is look at it over the top of the newspaper once a day. Raspberries, juniper, dried herbs. Enjoy a bottle with Lamb Shoulder or any protein really.

we've moved to cork - it's now finally as good as screw cap and makes us carbon neutral for dry goods - the carbon capture of the cork offsets the carbon produced in the glass manufacturing. Oh, and it's biodegradable. Makes you feel doubly amazing after finishing a bottle.