Our Wines

Most importantly, when it comes to our wine, it just has to taste bloody good. Cool? OK, let’s get into it…

The funky colourful guys on the right. They’re your Monday to Thursday bottles. Purposefully made to be smashable.
Approachable and chilled out – but no less delicious than the rest of the crew. Promise.

The fancy guys on the left, made from our single home vineyard. This block is pretty exposed to the climate,
meaning these are more complex, a bit unpredictable at times and really reflective of this patch of dirt we pour so much love into.

The badass two in the middle are our forays into the unknown, where anything could happen.
Did you hear about those monkeys in Panama?…

But if you wanna get all technical…when it comes to the vineyard and the winery we believe less is more. We want whatever the vineyard gives us to shine through, so we practice sustainable viticulture, with a ‘hands off’ approach to wine making. No filtering or fining..oak to add complexity, not to overwhelm. And we only add a little hit of sulphur just before we bottle (and with some of the wines none at all). The result? Each of our wines reflects the patch of dirt it came from.
Our Yarra Valley, in every glass.