Single Vineyard
Pauls Range Chardonnay


Single Vineyard
Pauls Range Pinot Noir


Single Vineyard
Browne’s Block Pinot Noir


Single Vineyard
Black Paddock Syrah

Single Vineyard Series

We have simple philosophies in relation to vineyard and winery …. Less is more….  We practice sustainable viticulture, with a ‘hands off’ approach to wine making, we want the site to come to life.  We don’t want to change what the vineyard gives us, or take away from the site, we want it to shine.  

We want each of our wines to reflect that specific patch of dirt from where it came, so no filtering or fining, oak use is to complex not to overwhelm and we only add a little hit of sulphur just before we bottle and with some of the wines none at all.

But most of all, it has to taste bloody good.

Payten & Jones Chardonnay


Gourmet Traveller Wine
Payten & Jones are the names of two winemaker mates. This wine is for those who want a break from lean, mineral chardonnay: it’s got heaps of peachy flavour and a lovely richness on the tongue.

94 Points, WBM Trade – 100 of the best by Mike Bennie
The lads behind this wine have done well exploring a host of single vineyard sites. Here, some smokey, funky aromas matched to purer fruit whiffs; to taste, a cool, lemon-meets-ripe apple expression of Chardonnay with judicious, fine creaminess to texture, and a trim, tight, almost squeaky finish. Run at this.

Payten & Jones Pinot Noir


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Browne’s Block Pinot Noir


92 Points, The Wine Front by Mike Bennie
Kilmore District wine region is not an official GI, but there’s pockets of land under vine. The vineyard this wine comes from is 40 years old and the wine is sent to bottle with no added sulphur.

Big hit of pepper and cumin spice with strong scents of wild raspberry, briar, mint and fennel. Almost like a crazy dessert smell, but not overtly sweet. Lovely stuff. Crisp, lightly crunchy texture with blisteringly fresh feeling red fruit character. Light-on, touch minty, brisk in acidity and finessed with fine, furry tannins. Length of flavour isn’t quite there, but it’s a really pleasing mouthful of joyous fruit, tamed well, and showing some savouriness in tow. Drinks really well.

Qwine Blog
It was great to taste this Browne’s Block Pinot alongside the Paul’s Range. To me it was like a his and hers range of Pinot was on show. The depth and ‘grab you by the canasters’ factor from the Browne’s Block has appeal as does the dainty and finesse offering from the Paul’s Range.

This Browne’s Block comes from 40 year old vines in Kilmore, a region without a GI. I loved it last vintage and I’m in the same camp this time too. Oh, and did I mention preservative free? Yep. No sulphur has been added here. Wild fermented took place and it was bottled with little filtration.

Cherry liqueur, forest floor, and turned soil run straight up the nasal cavity. Dark cherry fruit is on the front foot and powers through. There’s a softness to it too. That hard edge masculine brut with the three day growth yet softly spoken; you know the one. Tannins are juicy and the finish long and expressive.

Tasted over three days, this developed beautifully. It softened a treat and its personality changed each day. That’s the no sulphur bit talking.

Topping up the glass isn’t hard here. Have in the medium term. A wine perfect for a cool night with friends and laughs nearby.

Very good+

Region: Yarra Valley
RRP: $40
Source: Sample