Valley Vignerons Series

Our valley vignerons series wines are a little different to the bigger players – they do look a little murky in the glass, they do throw a bit of sediment (sometimes) and always look better with a bit of air and served at appropriate temperatures with the right food and company.

They are not ‘perfect’ by the industry standard, but they are spot on for how we want them.  We like to think of our wines as having a bit of personality, a little different to the polished norm (a bit like us)!!  The best likeness that we could draw as a comparative would be the music industry; think ‘over produced, squeaky clean, pitch perfect recording’ vs the ‘artist performing their hearts out live’.  The over produced recording is ‘technically spot on’ – you can’t fault it, it’s great…  Although there is just something.   Something that is missing … It has all the nuts and bolts there but the edges are taken out to make everything so precise and exact … By taking those edges out and making everything so ‘perfect’ and ‘correct’, you lose a bit of that sense of place – the true emotion that the artist was trying to convey. In effect losing the soul … While the live show that you are watching is raw and real, you feel it and find it interesting, exciting, it’s a true reflection of the artist, an insight into what they do, their beliefs, it’s not staged or manufactured – it’s real and you only get this at that time and at that place….  

We like to think that we produce wines with that sense of place.

Valley Vignerons Chardonnay


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Valley Vignerons Pinot Noir


QWine Blog
I really like the artwork on this Vignerons Series from Payten and Jones. The stuff on the inside is pretty handy too.

Smells of funky wild mushroom and reduced strawberries give the wild fermentation a voice. Dark cherries and earthy flavours take centre stage. It carries some grunt, something which lends itself to food well. A wine that will have carve through lamb chops or even a well marbled piece of Wagyu.


Valley Vignerons Sangiovese


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Valley Vignerons Syrah


90 Points, The Wine Front by Mike Bennie
From Kangaroo Ground in the Yarra Valley. Interesting to see the sourcing across various Vic regions and Yarra Valley sites from the Payten & Jones team. A producer to watch (or explore); I’ve liked a lot of their previous releases. Payten & Jones does bring to mind the hipster business name generator, though – you can check it out clicking here. The labels, of which I couldn’t find a good example of online, remind me a bit of Larry Pickering’s cartoons of politicians in the 1980s, minus the exaggerated appendages.

Moody scents of plums, packaged grape juice, red frog lollies, bergamot tea. Exotic perfume, but attractive. Juicy, washy texture, shows red fruits, crisp acidity, firmness of graphite-like tannins and feels squeaky in texture. The shape of the wine feels like it sits flat through the palate, but with vitality. It’s not exceptionally lengthy, but what’s there is clean in fruit flavours, layered, a touch spicy, and really easy and good to drink.